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Welcome to our Action Piano Service LLC Piano Page.  Below are a few new pianos we have currently in stock. After several years of very careful looking and listening throughout the industry, our team has chosen to carry Hailun pianos .  Email for pricing and availability
  NEW Hailun HG-161 Grand, in Ebony.  5'4", this piano is a work of art with unprecedented power for a piano of its size!  Featuring HLPS lid safety which removes the majority of weight from the piano lid so the lid can be raised and lowered easily!
  NEW Hailun HG-151 Grand in Walnut.  4'11.5", this "baby grand" is simply amazing for its size.  HLPS Lid Safety system, full sostenuto pedal, slow close fallboard, and duplex scale, this is an amazing professional piano at a small size for home/apartment.
  NEW Hailun HU116 Institutional Studio Upright in Ebony 45.5", this piano has been designed for all levels of students. The powerful bass is complemented by a clear and colorful treble.  Sturdy construction includes double rubber castors, and fallboard and lid locks.  The fallboard is designed with a full length music desk as well.
  NEW Hailun HUI P Upright in Mahogany and Ebony. This 48" piano outperforms every other piano in its catagory!  Powerful, colorful and complex tone, with responsive touch.  Ebony, with Mahagony legs, cheekblocks and fallboard, this is a beautiful piano! 

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